C-Level technology advisory for corporations: planning, technologies and platforms strategies and selection, digital transformation, outsourcing, marketing and customer data analysis


Support decision makers on technology strategies and technology to business alignment

  • Technology innovation strategies
  • Software selection
  • Technology governance
  • Business and technology integration
  • Vendor monitoring

Technology Advisory


Acknowledge and exploit on Big Data supporting business decision

  • Big Data analysis
  • Clustering, segmentation, principal components analysis
  • Predictive models
  • Dashboards and management user experience

Predictive & Recommendation


Help companies in building and executing on digital opportunities

  • Digital properties appraisal and value exploitation
  • Support to digital strategies, business planning, organization and ventures
  • Dashboards and KPI monitoring
  • Customer engagement tracking
  • Temporary management on CRM and digital marketing hub

Digital Transformation Strategies


Support companies in increasing and monetizing customer flows

  • CRM and customer engagement strategies
  • Sales and marketing processes: design and technology alignment
  • Platform and vendor selection
  • Coverage matrix and gap analysis
  • Program and project management

Customer Engagement & Commerce


Long term partner for large multinationals on CRM, Analytics, Cloud and on-premise solutions, from process design to fast prototyping, deployment, roll-out and application management


Leader in global CRM engagement, from design to maintenance

  • On-premise solutions, capability to diagnose, evolve, replace and improve
  • Cloud Solutions, complex SAP C4C projects
  • Solutions and boilerplates: CRM on-premise, C4C, FIORI, Screen Personas, Visit Planning, Marketing, Services
  • Integrations services

Customer Engagement & CRM


Native integration with SAP CRM and Customer Engagement and Commerce

  • Predictive solutions on CRM and Customer Engagement Platforms
  • BW/BO solutions and services
  • Lumira and Studio by Design management dashboards
  • Customer Segmentation and clustering

Analytics & Dashboards


Digital CRM, Customer Engagement and Commerce

  • Hybris marketing suite, integrators with Facebook, Twitter, SAP CRM on-premise
  • CRM Connectors (Genesys IWS Connector, MailUp Connector)
  • Sales and Pricing
  • Hana Cloud Integration, SAP ECC integration

Marketing & Digital Solutions


Dedicated solutions, apps and components for CRM projects

  • Solutions and apps on SAP FIORI
  • Sales Force Automation Solutions on SAP Cloud for Sales
  • Registration platforms on Open Source and SAP HANA Cloud Portal
  • Solutions on Titanium Appcelerator



Fully fledged partner with capability and experience to cover ‘end to end’ solutions for luxury, fashion, apparel and accessories industries


Process skills and experience in several fashion sub-industries: apparel, accessories, eyewear

  • Product development management
  • Production process integration
  • Assortment and store clustering
  • Distribution and warehouse management
  • Purchase execution and monitoring
  • Price list and promotion management

Design & Production


Stand-alone and FMS integrated solutions

  • Store management
  • Retail management
  • Inventory optimization
  • Replenishment forecasting



Specialized solutions for the fashion industry

  • CRM and customer engagement
  • Customer engagement tracking
  • Digital asset, vanity asset, digital domains
  • Customer segmentation and behavior monitoring

Customer Engagement & Digital


Proprietary software and tools providing fast enabling and reducing TCO

  • SAP AFS pre-configured ‘SAP certified’ accelerator
  • AFS, WM/EWM, Retail
  • FMS test and demo center

Proprietary Solutions & Accelerators


Full Coverage of SAP offering, experienced team with high quality track record


Strong capability to staff and co-staff project teams in new instances and roll-outs

  • FI/CO, PP, MM, SD, ABAP and NetWeaver
  • AMS: more than 20 Customers managed in parallel specialized team on BI and CRM, proprietary methodology and ticketing portal
  • HANA Cloud Platform
  • HANA migration skills, BW HANA migration projects, sizing, TCO and fine tuning



Leader in global CRM engagement, from design to maintenance

  • Award winning multinational team
  • C4C and on-premise skills, tenants and experience
  • Hybris Marketing Suite, on-premise solutions and full services options
  • Integration services and proprietary connectors linking SAP CRM environment with external platforms

CRM, Customer Engagement & Digital


Focus on sales, distribution, customer performances management

  • HANA Predictive experience
  • BW/BO solutions and services
  • Lumira and Studio by Design management dashboards
  • Full Implementation, roll-outs, maintenance

Analytics & Business Intelligence


Internally developed accelerators reducing time and costs of project implementation

  • Fashion solutions, AFS, FMS, Warehouse Management, PDM
  • CRM and SD solutions for the beverage industry
  • Customer Engagement pre-configured platform
  • E-commerce marketplace platform

Vertical Solutions



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